These dog accessories from Honda will turn your car into a pet palace on wheels

The Honda Dog range comes with a rental, dog carrier, silicone paw stickers and more. These accessories will be available in Japan only.

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03 August 2021, 09:34

The Honda Dog sticker for the exterior. (Honda)

Honda Japan introduced several dog-focused accessories with a line called Honda Dog. One can add these accessories to make the car more personalized for them and their dogs. These accessories range from paw stickers to dog carriers.

This range from Honda not only brings an elegant touch to the car, but also comes with a security system. It offers seats adapted to the size of the owner’s dog, door coverings, protective mats and seat belts. A one-time lease that will prevent the owner’s dog from jumping out the window costs ¥3,300, or about 2200.

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The dog carrier that fits neatly into the seat makes it easy for the owner to keep their pets in one place while traveling. This can be easily cleaned and stored and costs about ¥25,300, or about 17,000. The range also includes a three-colour gear knob for the automatic gearbox, silicone tab stickers for the dashboard or interior and colored tab key covers.

The user can also customize the exterior to show other drivers the extent of the love one has for one’s dogs. The Honda logos on the wheels can be replaced with wheel caps. The Honda dog sticker that can be put on the back of the car can complete the look if the whole range is opted for.

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However, these accessories will only be available in Japan. In addition to this, the automaker has also launched a website that focuses on dog information that might be useful for dog lovers.

Date of first publication: 03 Aug 2021, 09:33 IST

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