The Best Dog Accessories for Your New Puppy or Dog

Photographed by Zackery Michael, vogueSeptember 2015

In the past two months, five people I know have had dogs. Two more have applied for puppies that will be ready to take home in August. Even my own mom and I spent several lonely weekend afternoons on the phone, earnestly scouring the web for an iteration of a doodle our family could adopt. We’ve even decided on names, despite the fact that we both know (but won’t admit to each other) that we’ll never bring any of the adorable dogs home.

It’s not just my social circle that is interested in a new pet. According to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animalsthe number of people wanting to adopt a dog in LA and New York Doubled. It makes sense: during isolation, the days that used to be spent in office buildings now pass uninterrupted at home. Add to that how the future seems quite uncertain, and suddenly it’s clear that having a pet to provide entertainment and extra affection is reason enough to follow this period.

Veteran dog owners can attest that their dogs add positivity to an otherwise monotonous day. vogue Beauty editor Jenna Rennert has been showing up her French bulldog, Lola, in numerous Zoom meetings. When I asked Rennert if her dog had helped her during this period of isolation, she replied quickly: “I could write a book…it goes without saying that the last two months have been stressful and [Lola] is always there to help reduce my anxiety, no matter the time of day.” Madeline Fass, our assistant market editor, who isolates herself at home with her family dog, agrees. “Nothing hurt with a little extra affection during these times!”

Whether you’ve just brought a new puppy into the family or are spending more quality time at home with your dog, now is a good time to invest in some new dog accessories. From dog beds that will go with your decor, to aesthetically pleasing food and water bowls, to cute leashes for all the walks you’ll inevitably take together, here are the best dog accessories to buy now.

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