The 10 Best Dog Carriers of 2022

Our team at the Good Housekeeping Institute reviews pet gear of all kinds, from dog beds to dog harnesses. We read hundreds of reviews to find out which dog carriers were worth considering, then we tested over a dozen in our lab and sent them to our consumer testers to evaluate them in real-world conditions. . We based our recommendations on extensive market research and testing. We evaluated every brand and every material used, tested real-life styles, and considered the following factors:

✔️Comfort and safety: We made sure that each pick could comfortably fit an animal of the recommended size and support the maximum weight. For safety reasons, we tested each bag by carrying it filled with sandbags of the maximum recommended weight for each carrier. We rated how comfortable they were to hold and hung them for over an hour to see if the weight caused puckered seams, stretched fabric, or tears.

✔️Ease of use: Compressing an active pooch into a small carrier isn’t the easiest thing in the world, so we considered carriers with large zipper sections, top and front loading options and a quick setup so you can get your pet inside before he has time to start squirming.

✔️Materials: It’s important to look at the composition of each pet carrier to make sure it’s soft enough for your pet to be comfortable, yet durable enough that their claws won’t scratch all the way through. “Performance materials like nylon and polyester are ideal because they’re lightweight and durable,” says Lexie Sachs, executive director of the Textiles, Paper and Apparel Lab at Good Housekeeping. “In fact, these are fabrics typically found in backpacks, luggage, and other bags. For added breathability, look for mesh ventilation.”

We also consider the cleanability of these particular materials if they are water resistant or easy to scratch.

✔️Objective: Depending on where you plan to take your dog, different carriers meet different needs. Backpacks and front carriers can leave your hands free to multi-task, while soft carriers are great for tucking under airline seats. Rigid carriers work wonders when transporting your pet to the vet. Tote bags or handbags are also good if you’re just looking for something to carry over your shoulder on a day out. We evaluated each style to find the best of the best.

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