Molly & Stitch’s stylish dog accessories are haute couture for puppies.

Your dog is always there for you. So when you go out together, keep it in style with these handcrafted dog accessories. Learn more about them below.

Dress your puppy with the Fashion accessories for dogs Molly & Stitch. These stylish dog accessories include leashes, collars, harnesses and more in the Butter Leather or Touch of Leather collections.

Your dog is your walking companion, your partner in crime and your best friend forever. So when you’re dating, you don’t want to lead him on just any old leash. Instead, outfit it with a fashionable Molly & Stitch dog accessory.

Discover the Butter Leather collection

Leather is soft to the touch, so it is an ideal material for a dog accessory. And Molly & Stitch’s Butter Leather material is particularly silky.

It is made from 100% genuine German leather, naturally tanned and honed. Then it is hand sewn in Austria into stylish dog accessories like collars, leashes and harnesses. They are works of art and are perfect for your pup.

Learn more about the Touch of Leather collection

If you’re looking for the added security of a tougher material, the Touch of Leather collection is for you. It features a rope-like design that combines style and quality.

For this collection, you will find leather features in the strap and handle parts, areas that should be comfortable.

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Give your best friend a beautiful necklace

Every dog ​​needs a “collar”. And you can give your dog a stylish one from the Molly & Stitch collections. They are available in Butter Leather or Touch of Leather.

Butter Leather Collars

The Butter Leather collection includes both a dog collar and a retriever collar. According to the company, the retriever’s collar features an extended leash clip. It allows you to easily tie and release your dog.

And as for the buckles, they are made of solid brass. So your dog’s collar will be shiny and you don’t have to worry about it.

Touch of Leather Necklaces

The touch of the leather collars features their signature rope design for a more secure fit. At the level of its buckle, the Touch of Leather collars give you the choice between brass and steel buckles.

Fashionable collar colors

Finally, your dog’s style can match yours when you choose from seven color choices for each type of collar. They include Mango, Chili Red, Sahara Cognac, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Chocolate, Lipstick and others.

Molly & Stitch harness on a dog

Walk in style with these fashionable leashes

As for the leashes, the Molly & Stitch Collections have some nice ones. Choose from Butter Leather, Touch of Leather or Maritime versions.

Butter Leather Leashes

For an elegant style statement, look no further than these stylish dog accessories. Butter Leather Leashes are available in 3x Adjustable, 2x Adjustable and City Dog lengths. This way you can choose what is most comfortable for you and your dog.

The hardware is brass, and like the necklaces, you can choose from seven eye-catching colors. You and your dog have never had such a good time.

Touch of Leather Leashes

Keep your best friend stable with the Touch of Leather leash collection. Like the Touch of Leather collars, these leashes feature a rope design that’s convenient for owners and comfortable for dogs.

The buckle material is brass or steel and the handle is soft leather which makes it soft for your hands.

Additionally, Touch of Leather leads include a Retriever dog leash. It’s super easy to attach and detach from your canine friend. And with the built-in stopper, the collar portion adjusts for a better fit.

All Touch of Leather leads are available in seven colors.

maritime leashes

For flexible control during walks, opt for the Maritime leashes. These stylish all-in-one dog accessories adjust three ways for ultimate walking comfort.

Molly and Stitch Fashionable Dog Accessories
Molly & Stitch Butter Women’s Leather Leash

Keep your pup close with leather harnesses

If you like to keep your dog close to you on walks, Molly & Stitch harnesses are a great choice. This product is only available in the Butter Leather material, but it is available in sizes XXXS to XXL.

The harness provides a balanced fit and gives your dog plenty of room to move their legs. Additionally, you can choose from brass or steel rivets to connect the leather buckles. And, of course, just like Molly & Stitch’s other stylish dog accessories, the harnesses are available in seven classic shades.

If you’re a proud dog parent, Molly & Stitch’s stylish dog accessories are a must-have addition to your pet gear collection. They feature fashionable handmade leather patterns and are functional. Yes, your pup can be as fashionable as you are with these leashes, collars and harnesses.

Fashionable Molly & Stitch dog accessories start at $59 and you can buy them on the official site. What are some of your favorite dog accessories? Let us know about them in the comments.

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