Dolly Parton’s First Collection of Dog Accessories Has Arrived and Her Name Is Absolutely Iconic

Dolly Parton’s pet project for pampered pooches just launched: Parton doggy style.

“‘Puppy Love’ was my very first record and six decades later my love for pets is stronger than ever. It inspired me to launch my own line of Doggy Parton clothing, accessories, toys and more. again with a bit of ‘Dolly’ style.” Parton shared on her website. “A portion of the proceeds will support Willa B. Farms, a shelter where animals in need find endless love. Don’t we all need this?”

Available at Amazonthe playful collection includes items such as a pink cowgirl hat with a tiara, a pink sparkly butterfly choker with faux pearls and a red gingham harness and leash with a big bow. A blonde bombshell wig includes a pink bow tie, while a bandana combines denim and gingham. A sassy t shirt advises “In a world full of Jolenes, be a Dolly.” A cute set includes a pink dress, guitar and blonde wig. The toys are shaped like a high heelsa guitara winking butterflyand more.

As Parton said, sales help fund Willa B. Farms, which rescues animals that have been abused or abandoned and gives them a safe home where they can receive the love and care they deserve. “Puppy Love”, indeed.

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