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If you follow Mashable Shopping’s coverage, you know we live to bring you the best product recommendations we can find based on countless hours of online research. But what about the things we buy for ourselves? The things that made it our baskets? Well, we’re here to tell you about those things, and we’ll be back every month to do it again.

Here’s what staff bought in January 2022.

“I rarely buy clothes for myself, but after seeing so many people on social media wearing puffy Selkie dresses, I finally decided to buy one myself. Considering the price, it’s definitely a investment, but it’s flattering on almost anyone.I wore it to an art gallery opening with heels and tights, but I’d rather wear it dressed up for a picnic or a having dinner.” —Jae Thomas, business reporter

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The cutest sweater for dog you have already seen

“I’ve bought my dog ​​the Little Beast cloud print jumper before and loved it, so I immediately bought the heart print one when it came out (just couldn’t resist it!) want to dress my dog ​​up as a little valentine) The sweater itself is very well made, and my dog ​​looks like a clumsy little kid wearing pajamas when I put it on her, which is the cutest thing that I honestly wish Little Beast made human versions of these knitted sweaters – I would totally buy one to go with my dog.” —Jae Thomas, business reporter

Product photo The Lover Sweater by Little Beast

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“I learned last month that the ultra-soft pillows I used to love just didn’t give me the support I needed. I first opted for a memory foam choice , thinking I wanted a perfectly firm pillow I was wrong In the most Goldilocks moment of my life, I realized I really needed a real medium firm pillow, and I found this in the most Goldilocks moment of my life. Coop Home Goods Premium Eden pillow. It’s expensive, but it lives up to its name, in that I believe it was created in an environment free from original sin to perform as well as it does. you can adjust the amount of padding (and therefore firmness) if you want, which is pretty cool. —Bethany Allard, shopping journalist

Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow

Credit: Coop Home Goods

“During my journey to eliminate the need for overhead lighting in my apartment (I only want atmospheric vibes), my friend recommended this kid’s nightlight named Benson the duck. Benson is extremely cute, but I’m more of a cat person, so I grabbed this (unnamed) cat night light with a remote control, so I could change the colors or enjoy its warm glow from the comfort of my bed.The vibes in my bedroom are now at both immaculate and adorable. —Bethany Allard, shopping journalist

GoLine cat lamp product photo

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“I’m trying to be a bit more sustainable in my daily life, and one thing I’ve been late to the party on is reusable grocery bags. I have two that are made of this tarp-like material, but they’re really beat up and it’s time to put them to rest I’ve always thought net-style grocery bags were so cute and wanted to look like a sophisticated European (imagine the one of these with a little wand sticking out of it!), so I bought a few to start with. So far I love them and they contain a lot more than I expected . —Dylan Haas, business reporter

Togetrue mesh bags product photo

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“I’ve been kickboxing for a few years now, but I use the same cheap gloves I bought when I started (they’re in pretty bad shape, and not in the right ‘seasoned’ way). I thought I should get myself a more premium pair as I’ve been consistent in training, and the Hayabusa T3 gloves have always been on my radar for their improved wrist support. Being someone who has ever suffered wrist injuries from boxing, I didn’t “It doesn’t take much to convince me to hang them. I can confirm that they are fantastic” —Dylan Haas, business reporter

Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves product photo

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“If you’ve seen me staring only at a small MacBook screen in the past two years of working from home, no, you haven’t. Something about the new year randomly prompted me to upgrade my workspace to a dual screen setup I can’t I think I squeezed all my tabs to 13 inches before I love the thin bezels and silver scheme of this one from HP – I don’t I haven’t felt the need to go all out on a QLED or curved screen, but this one feels more expensive than it is.” —Leah Stodart, business reporter

HP IPS Monitor Product Photo

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“I’ve wanted a pair of Sheertex tights since my co-workers and I tested them a few years ago. Unfortunately, these indestructible tights are very expensive compared to the $5 ones I usually buy at Target. And I couldn’t just not justify dropping $100 on a pair of tights. But this month, Sheertex had a sale in honor of the brand’s 5th anniversary, and I was able to grab a pair of sheer tights for just $29. They’re obviously still a bit more expensive than standard pantyhose, but I won’t have to throw them away because of snags or holes after three uses.” —Miller Kern, Associate Reviews Editor

Product photo Sheertex Essential Sheer Tights

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