8 Places to Buy Designer Dog Accessories Online

The internet contains endless vast amounts of information, and if nothing else, it has taught us that a) we’re all a bit dog-mad, and b) shopping can be done from the comfort of our own home. To celebrate these two facts, we’ve spotted the best local dog accessories the online world has to offer.

So if you want your dog to look more feminine and less of a tramp, check out the following local retailers. Next time you hit the road, we guarantee you won’t be the only one getting whistled.

dogs of desire

Handmade dog accessories made to order from the finest quality fabrics. Think pull-on bandanas with funky modern prints, collars, leashes, even dog beds, carrier bags and crochet toys. The team behind dogs of desire consists of two humans and two dogs, with an avant-garde vision prioritizing comfort above all else. One of our favorites is the Pawtect Pendant – a simple, chemical-free pendant-shaped flea repellent; just place it on your dog’s collar and you’re ready to go. Who even knew that was a thing?

8 legs

8 legs focus on craft and design pet products. Here you will find everything your pet needs, from beds to bowls, toys, collars, leashes, travel items and of course, clothing. Created by top designers, style and function are key, and the materials are quality. Wrap your pet in a Billy Wolf designer jacket made from real vintage fabrics, water resistant canvas on one side and heritage plaid wool on the other for those unpredictable Auckland days! 8 Paws also provides some of the best dog food on the market, air-dried and made with natural ingredients from New Zealand farms. Oh, and they cater to cats and humans too. Pleasant.

Animal Outfitters

Sleeping, playing, eating, traveling, grooming and dressing—Animal Outfitters cover all your dog’s needs. Adorn your pup with exclusive designer jackets and jumpers, cut and sewn by hand from high quality textiles here in New Zealand, keeping dogs warm and dry during the winter months for years. Lined for extra warmth and softness, combined with water-repellent and wind-resistant science-grade materials, Animal Outfitter’s lightweight coats allow freedom of movement so your pet can exercise whatever the weather . A big highlight is the grooming range – kiwi made from only natural ingredients, free of harmful chemicals, PH balanced to gently cleanse and gently nourish your pet’s coat and skin.

Kaye Nine

For those times when only the best will do, you can’t miss these beautiful leather dog collars, all handcrafted right here in New Zealand. New kid on the block Kaye Nine that’s what happens when you combine a love of fashion with an obsession for dogs. The collars produced by this family-owned leather goods company specializing in stylish, handcrafted leather dog accessories really have to be seen to be believed. With their website just launched, why not gift your best friend a couture leather necklace that will set her apart from the crowd.

Mascot Pet Outfitter

Mascot Pet Outfitter are versatile when it comes to the needs of pets. Treat yourself and your pet to the double whammy of Friendship Collar, where a dog’s collar comes with a matching human bracelet. Even better: Friendship Collar is the world’s first PETA-approved vegan, cruelty-free, and animal-friendly brand. You’ll also find personalized collars, handmade in Europe from the softest nappa leather, fun dog tags, hand-distressed denim jackets and even dog teas. Yes, Holistic Tea for Dogs, available in two varieties, one aimed at improving your dog’s inner health, the other at promoting fresh breath and oral hygiene. Mascot also stocks Haute Diggity Dog, the original parody dog ​​toy company. Think toys from Chewy Vuiton, Jimmy Chew and Pawlenciaga, among others.

hippie dog

If you’re looking for a necklace that makes a statement, look no further. hippie dog specializes in limited edition handmade collars designed to enhance your pooch’s individual style. Born from a dog lover’s passion for canine fashion, all collars are handmade from vintage fabrics sourced from op-shops and garage sales, with a bit of designer fabrics thrown into the mix . The best thing about Hippy Hound, however, is that every item purchased sends a 50c donation to Christchurch Dog Rescue! As dog lovers, we can all agree that there isn’t enough support for rescues, and if equipping our pets is any way to help, we’re in.

Mister Soft Top

Mister Soft Top mainly focus on dog clothes, and they have a choice. Coats, sweaters, denim work shirts, long tees, crop tops, summer tees and merino tees… you and your dog are spoiled for choice. Sweaters are bespoke, designed to fit your dog like a tailored suit, and all garments are extra lightweight yet incredibly warm, perfect to wear all year round. If your dog is prone to rashes in the summer, Mr Soft Top’s Sun T-Shirts are a must. They are made from Seafolly Lycra swimwear to protect the skin from harsh sun and dry grass, and are of course perfectly safe for swimming. To top it off, all the goodies are handmade right here in Aotearoa.


100% New Zealand owned and operated, 4 YOUR PAWS offers original bandanas, coats and personalized collars for your dog. Their motto is “our pets must have the best” and the focus is on quality above all else. A huge range of bandanas to choose from, perfect for keeping your babies cool in the summer by wearing them wet. All products are tested by the company’s own fur family, so there’s no doubt that they’re both comfortable and practical. You will even find a dog seat belt for sale. You can finally keep your pooch safe in case of an accident, phew. It is also a community player that supports many charities by providing equipment. And to top it off, delivery to New Zealand is absolutely free!

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Image credit: 8 legs

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